Paid tips, betting services and betting advice – can they be trusted?

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Paid sports betting tips are very popular on the Internet, but many people have negative experiences with them. So is it worth investing in paid tips? Are Paid Tips Scam? How to recognize quality tips? What problems can occur if you have purchased paid tips? How to check the betting service statistics? Who creates betting services?

What is a fixed match?

The professional betting service slot playtech provides customers with betting tips, and the tip itself is the decision of the specific betting service bettor based on his analysis. In the case of fixed matches, it is a pre-agreed match or match development. There are several confessions and a number of suspicions that fixed matches exist. There is no need to doubt this. However, such matches will only reach a small circle of people and would spread against each other by disseminating such information. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of fraudsters who claim to have information about the agreed match.

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What to watch out for when paying for agreed matches?

The basic rule of fixed matches information about agreed matches does not spread! The goal of fraudsters is to get money from you. They do it in various cunning ways, so they often give you the first tips for free and if the first tip is a winning one, then you have to pay (if you think about it, the only one who has nothing to lose is the one who sent you the tips).

In various forums you will find a large number of posts where such fraudsters try to offer their services. Fixed matches or untrustworthy betting services are also flourishing on social networks, where they try to be serious. Facebook‘s most popular social network allows you to delete unwanted comments, and even today it is not a problem to buy a Facebook page (with thousands of likes) and rename it. There is no need to believe in various images (so-called screenshots) from the websites of bookmakers, which fraudsters are used to publishing. The source code of the website can be easily modified and many of us can rewrite any page on their computer for their needs. There are also Photoshop and similar programs in which editing images is no problem. If someone shows you pictures of winning tickets, you’d better ask them for a link to a specific ticket.

Professional paid betting service

Compared to agreed matches, paid match tips are much more popular, which were determined on the basis of an analysis prepared by a member of the betting service. If you want to buy paid sports tips, you should first check the credibility of the betting service. Credibility is assessed based on the history of tips and their statistics. If the author keeps a history of tips and their statistics on the page, it is very easy to manipulate such tips or the statistics themselves. Adding winning tips to matches already played or deleting non-winning tips is nothing special. It is important for the betting service that the statistics are interesting for the potential client. However, removing or adding tips is noticeable, so tipping services to improve statistics change the odds of individual tips. He adjusts these rates so that the statistics show an interesting profit.